Swimming Pool Restoration

Think it’s time for your swimming pool for a makeover? 

You think it lacks proper care that it’s the chance to give it the love and attention it deserves? If some of these questions have crossed your mind, then perhaps it really is time to do some action. Protect your pool now before it’s too late. 

No matter how old or badly conditioned your pool is, you’ll be amused at our renovation. Everyone will think your swimming pool is brand new! Bring your pool back to life with the help of our experienced professionals. Our custom swimming pools are seen in all of Miami- Dade county. 

Pool restoration covers any of the following aspects such as but not limited to deck replacement, old pool lights makeover, high-end sound system installation, landscaping, outdoor lighting, equipment upgrades, etc. In order to save energy and time, you may want to consider the following ideas: built-in automatic pool covers, water-based chlorine generator, ozonators, energy efficient pumps, solar heaters, among others. On the other hand, if you want to further beautify it, you may utilize the following : waterfalls, fountains, fire outs, LED lighting, mosaic finishes, built-in tables, acrylic decking and many more ideas. 

Finding innovative and better ways to upgrade the conditions of our clients’ swimming pools and spas while saving hundreds of dollars per year has always been our goal.

For more information for your outdoor space remodeling and renovation, please give us a call. One of our design specialists will be happy to assist you.