Pool Deck Installation

You have your dream pool, now you need a perfect deck to complement it. Pool deck is the immediate area around your pool. The deck completes the overall look of your swimming area. It’s important that the swimming pool deck is non-slip, well- constructed and stylish. Whether you already have a vision in mind on how your pool deck should look like or still need some ideas; our builders can help you plan, and design the outdoor deck of your dreams. We can turn your swimming pool into a backyard oasis with its complementing deck. Deck is a great place for a family gathering, barbecue session or any other event where you can all enjoy laughing, playing, eating and doing other entertaining activities together. 

Our goal is to provide quality and best service in all of Miami- Dade. Our designers will work closely with you to come up with the best option for your set budget, specific preference, pool size and details. In designing for your dream deck, everything will be put into consideration to assure we get it done right. 

When deciding for a brand new deck, it is essential to consider the type of material to be used. It plays an important role in creating a timeless pool deck. Common pool deck materials include but not limited to concrete, wood, granite, brick, flagstone, among others. One of the best options for deck material is concrete as it allows a variety of designs with little maintenance needed. Thus, concrete materials can fit for any budget or style preference.

Wood is also a popular decking material. Wood materials are easy to use and it adds that natural appearance. Another advantage of using wood is that it’s low-cost. Since wood can be built off the ground, using wood as deck material is advisable especially if landscapes are irregularly-shaped. 

Stone is the most expensive option for a pool deck. But the quality and design level are hard to beat. Besides, they can be used as pool decorations such as waterfalls, boulders and other structures. Stone deck adds a natural look which is suitable for just about any architectural design. To add, stone has natural friction. Thus, its non-slip surface helps increase poolside safety. There are myriad types of natural stones available. Contact us if you would like more information.